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Beginner React

Chris Sev
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The practical course to learn the world's most popular JavaScript library.

Learning React is tough stuff!

React makes writing JavaScript easier. Something that would take 100 lines in JavaScript could be achieved with 20 lines in React. React also makes our code far more readable so that we can understand our code easily.

There are many reasons React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries (if not the most popular) in the world. We'll cover them in this Getting Started with React course. 👉 If you want to start building any types of projects, from websites to mobile apps, React is a fantastic choice.

The hardest things about learning React is understanding the foundational concepts like JSX, components, state, props, hooks, and more. In this course, we'll cover all those and provide real practice so you can solidify your knowledge.

What You'll Learn

  • Modern React
  • The essential React fundamentals
  • Building apps with React
  • React foundations for every app
  • React components
  • React component lifecycle
  • React Hooks like useState() and useEffect()
  • Passing data with Component Props
  • Building a Bookmarking App
  • Storing data with LocalStorage
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Beginner React

19 ratings
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